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We specialize in next-generation innovative solutions for safe, efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly mobility products and services for all industries and regions of the United Sates. Our innovations have taken years to develop because we believe in generational solutions that are not profit driven, that are integrative, adaptable to technological advances, economic and population growth for centuries.

TRANDERSOL does not compete with our nation’s companies or government stakeholders. We innovate to provide the most viable solutions for our nation’s stakeholders to use to become more efficient, expand their market share, improve safety and services to people, and to ensure profitability and their responsibility as good stewards of our environment and climate. Our commitment to America’s immediate to long-term sustainable and resilient needs are in sync with our core values, commitment, and innovations. Some of our services are as follows:

  • New and advanced seamless regional integrated and multi-functional environment and climate modifying transportation, energy, water and waste, and flood control infrastructure platforms.
  • Integrated renewable energy platform that eliminates the need for land base solar and wind production.
  • Re-industrialization and manufacturing solutions to aid our nation in repatriating over 75 percent of manufacturing and jobs back to the United States.
  • Protecting our coastlines and inland communities from flooding and devastation caused by sea level rise, storm surges and overflowing rivers.
  • Viable economic solutions to provide alternative funding for the proposed rebuilding and modernization plan for the United States, to contribute to unparalleled economic growth and technological advancements.
  • We innovate dynamic revenue formulas to modify the tax code to increase revenue while lowering payroll tax, eliminating the federal, state, and local gas tax, while generating more efficient and sustainable government revenues
  • We innovate to make expansion of government services that includes our proposed free and affordable college education and expanded Medicare for all to all Americans.

We take the hassle out of planning for decision makers to make their job task less complex. We also cut the hassle and stresses associated with finding and implementing the right financial solutions that are typically linked to strained budgets and environmental conflicts.

TRANDERSOL provides alternate solutions where lands are not available for infrastructure expansion and growth, and we research and develop standardized platform and system solutions for citizens to obtain long-term high paying jobs with benefits, and peace of mind and to achieve the American dream. TRANDERSOL’s has the solution. Let us help your agencies or Cities meet and exceed your goals to protect and serve. Please contact us today.

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