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What does TRANDERSOL stand for? 

Answer:  TRANDERSOL stands for “Transcending Energy Solutions™.” It was important that our company’s name be synonymous with the vision of EDERP, to reflect our diverse innovations solutions.

What does TRANDERSOL do? 

Answer: TRANDERSOL specializes in government-based solutions. Our innovative bridges, highways, tunnels, railroads, and airport replacement infrastructures are second to none. Our efficient, safe and generational innovations creates peace of mind, supports cost-effective operation and maintenance of a variety of transportation, energy, manufacturing, and coastal and inland systems that are focused on sustainability and resilience. But most importantly, TRANDERSOL innovations ensure the implementation of multi-functional environmental and climate modifiers to improve the environment and climate.

We also create economic models for large and small large countries seeking viable long-term resilient and sustainable solutions. Our Urban and Rural Economic Development Models vary depending on a variety of factors. Please reach out to us through your official government agency to discuss your local, state, federal or county’s needs. Whether the needs are infrastructure, energy, transportation, clean water procurement, storage, and distribution, comprehensive long-term resiliency, or sustainability; we innovate to meet and exceed your needs.

TRANDERSOL estimates that their proposed plan will create over 75 million new jobs across all industries and sectors; (1) Will TRANDERSOL be the company to hire this large workforce, and if so, (2) Where can I apply? 

Answer (1):  While TRANDERSOL is growing and is currently looking to fulfill specialty jobs in engineering, architecture, environment, and geology. TRANDERSOL will not be responsible for the hiring of the projected 75 million workers that will be engaged with the national projects. The jobs will be created by the private and public sectors in all 50 states and territories.

Answer (2): Applications for jobs at TRANDERSOL will be available on our company website when the jobs become available. The application for jobs at other companies and government agencies will be published by those entities across all 1,500 sectors that make up our 20 industries.

The following illustrates the type sectors that will be hiring across all public and private sector entities:



Federal, states and local government agencies (all categories).


Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services

  • Administrative and Support and Waste
  • Facilities Support Services
  • Employment Services
  • Employment Placement Agencies and Executive Search Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Landscaping Services
  • Hazardous Waste Collection
  • Other Waste Collection
  • Other Nonhazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
  • Materials Recovery Facilities


  • Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • Site Preparation Contractors
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction
  • Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • Specialty Trade Contractors
  • Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors
  • Masonry Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors


  • Wood Window and Door Manufacturing
  • Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing
  • Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical Manufacturing
  • Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing
  • Concrete Block and Brick Manufacturing
  • Concrete Pipe Manufacturing
  • Lime and Gypsum Product Manufacturing
  • Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Manufacturing
  • Iron Foundries, Iron and Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing
  • Iron and Steel Forging Manufacturing
  • Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing
  • Machine Shops; Turned Product; and Screw, Nut, and Bolt Manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Commercial Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment Manufacturing
  • Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Light Truck and Utility Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing
  • Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing
  • Earth moving, Excavation and Compactors Manufacturing


The following categories are examples of the type of professional occupational services that will be needed for the projects:


  • Architects, except naval
  • Landscape architects
  • Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Agricultural engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Computer hardware engineers
  • Electrical and electronics engineers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Industrial engineers, including health and safety
  • Marine engineers and naval architects
  • Materials engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Mining and geological engineers, including mining safety engineers
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Engineers, all other
  • Drafters, engineering technicians, and mapping technicians
  • Architectural and civil drafters
  • Electrical and electronics drafters
  • Mechanical drafters
  • Drafters, all other
  • Engineering technicians, except drafters
  • Civil engineering technicians
  • Electrical and electronics engineering technicians
  • Electro-mechanical technicians
  • Environmental engineering technicians
  • Industrial engineering technicians
  • Mechanical engineering technicians
  • Engineering technicians, except drafters, all other
  • Surveying and mapping technicians


  • Chief executives
  • General and operations managers
  • Legislators
  • Operations specialties managers
  • Administrative services managers
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Construction managers
  • Architectural and engineering managers


  • Financial analysts
  • Software developers and programmers
  • Web developers
  • Computer network architects
  • Computer support specialists
  • Computer user support specialists



  • Soil and plant scientists
  • Conservation scientists and foresters
  • Hydrologists
  • Physical scientists, all other
  • Urban and regional planners
  • Forest and conservation technician

TRANDERSOL is proposing to rebuild and modernize all of America’s critical infrastructure platforms and systems; (1) What type of infrastructures and systems is TRANDERSOL proposing to build across the U.S., and (2) where will the build-out take place? 

Answer (1): TRANDERSOL is proposing to rebuild and modernize all critical platforms and systems across all 50 states and territories. We have found a variety of infrastructures to be replaced with our innovative multi-functional, multi-modal environmental and climate modifying transformational platforms and systems, such as, roads, bridges, land based solar and wind energy systems, waste and sewer, flood control and erosion prevention systems.

The projects shall begin with the replacement 166,000 miles of critical highway infrastructure, 27,000 bridges, and to build 664,000 rail miles of railroad platforms within the first 30-year phase of the project. we expect the replacement of a total of 1.6 million miles of roads and 360,000 bridges by the year 2120.

Answer (2): The Eight-Dimensional Economic Recovery Plan’s network of practical National Environment  and Climate Modifiers (NECM) will be constructed in all 50 states and territories. The geographic locations will vary since our roads and other systems do not follow a straight line. However, the states where the projects will be implemented are as follows:




American Samoa







District of Columbia

Federates States of Micronesia





















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota

Northern Mariana Islands






Puerto Rico

Republic of the Marshall      Islands

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



U.S. Virgin Islands





West Virginia



TRANDERSOL states that the comprehensive national endeavor will create over 75 million jobs within 15 years after commencement of the projects. (1) Will American workers be getting the jobs, (2) How will this proposed national endeavor help the American worker, and (3) How many jobs will the national endeavor create? 

Answer (1): Yes, American workers will be first in line for all jobs. We project that 84 percent of all jobs will go to Americans. Because of the expected rapid jobs growth and the challenges American companies and government agencies will have filling 100 of all positions with American workers, we will look to Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, Africa, and other global partner countries to supply skilled and non-skilled workforce to support our rebuilding effort.

Answer (2): The comprehensive national rebuilding and modernization endeavor will create significant benefits for the American workforce.  We anticipate job security that will last well beyond the projected three 30-years build out, to higher wages, to create a new minimum wage cap of $32.80 per hour, full healthcare coverage for all positions, free college tuition, and affordable housing for people with income of less than $75,000. All direct project employees and collaborators shall benefit from fuel and toll subsidies. Additionally, all American workers shall be given a minimum of 9 percent income tax reduction. (Details to be released at a date to be announced).

 Answer (3): The Eight-Dimensional Economic Recovery Plan (“EDERP” or “the Plan”) will create 75 million new jobs within 15 years of commencement of the projects. Our population is expected to grow to 400 million by the year 2050 and will grow to 600 million by the year 2120. The Plan will also create an added 125 million new jobs in all 20 industries over the course of the rebuilding phases, which  are projected to be completed in 2120. The comprehensive national endeavor EDERP will be completed in time to meet the demands for the future in transportation of people and  goods they will need, for energy, and so many other purpose. 

America has no money to fund any sustainable long-term infrastructure projects. (1) Where will the funding come from to pay for this massive national endeavor, (2)  Will we see an increase in gas prices, property taxes, personal or corporate taxes to fund this massive long-term project? 

Answer (1): Considering our federal and state governments do not currently have the financial resources to fund any meaningful infrastructure projects; TRANDERSOL has created a practical dynamic funding formula that will pay for the proposed national endeavor for the projected three 30-year phases of the projects.

Answer (2):  The practical funding sources will contribute significant long-term benefits to citizens and reduce a variety of taxes levied against citizens. The new funding solutions will pay off the deficit, while increasing GDP (Gross Domestic Products), tax revenue, and will pay for the comprehensive national endeavor in all 50 states and territories. This means that there will not be increases in fuel tax, property taxes or corporate and income taxes. The innovative funding formulas in EDERP may cut or end fuel taxes, reduce property taxes, and reduce income tax by 9 percent and corporate taxes for companies in specific brackets by up to 15 percent.

My company is interested in the opportunities. (1) Will my small business be able to collaborate with the national build-out of the massive rural and urban platforms and systems in all 50 states and territories?  (2) How can my company secure a contract to build or supply services? (3) What are  my probability of successfully bidding and getting a contract in a market dominated by the usual mega companies?  

Answer (1):  All American companies shall be involved the comprehensive rebuilding and modernization of infrastructures and systems. Small businesses will be an integral part of the build-out in all 50 states and territories. The comprehensive build-out shall have full engagement of all current and future incorporated small business to work in sync with larger companies to achieve the prompt goals set out in the Plan.

Answer (2):  Your company must be a registered U.S. company, must have at least one employee and is licensed and bonded. If your company is not licensed, special provisions shall be provided to your company through the Asset-Based Protection System (ABPS) that will ensure small businesses will operate with full accreditation for the projects. Further details of the ABPS will be available at a date to be announced. The ABPS shall in no way compromise the standards and quality of work or services rendered to the projects. This will cut the current restrictive red tapes associated with small business applications for economic opportunities.

Answer (3): The process for obtaining contracts with the project will be a simple but important one. No bidding process will be needed for the national endeavor. The collaborative engagement process shall supply both large and small businesses the same unique opportunities for contracts. The details of the Collaborative Engagement Process (CEP) will be released at a date to be announced.

TRANDERSOL often refers to industries and sectors. What are the differences between an industry and a sector?

Answer:  An “industry” is a branch consisting of related economic or commercial activities, and a “sector” produces specific raw materials, products, or services. For example, the classification “transportation and warehousing industry,” consist of all functions and economic activities that pertains to transportation and warehousing. Please see the following examples that lists three of our nation’s 20 industries, and three of over 1,500 that makes up our nation’s 20 industries. Please see the following examples:


  • Water transportation
  • General freight trucking
  • Taxi and limousine service
  • Pipeline transportation
  • Pipeline transportation of crude oil
  • Scenic and sightseeing transportation, water
  • Postal service
  • Couriers and express delivery services
  • General warehousing and storage
  • Farm product warehousing and storage


  • Residential Building Construction
  • Residential Remodelers
  • Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • Framing Contractors
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Siding Contractors
  • Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
  • Flooring Contractors
  • Finish Carpentry Contractors
  • Site Preparation Contractors


  • Cheese Manufacturing
  • Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy
  • Poultry Processing
  • Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging
  • Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing
  • Cookie, Cracker, and Pasta Manufacturing
  • Dry Pasta, Dough, and Flour Mixes
  • Roasted Nuts and Peanut Butter Manufacturing
  • Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing
  • Fiber, Yarn, and Thread Mills

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage. We hope that the information we published are insightful. To be a part of these revolutionary reconstruction solutions for America, please let us know if you are interested in our Plan by leaving your comments on our social media pages. Also let your member of Congress know you support our Plan to rebuilding an America to last.

To request more information, please email us, or you may contact us via our social media pages. We will be happy to provide you with answers to your questions directly or in our open forum on our website.

Thank you again, and we look forward to collaborating closely with you to rebuild America for ourselves and our future generations.

Let’s come together! Let’s build – It’s time.