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Our Plan’s Impact on Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing and Commercial Real Estate Development Plan (AHCREDP) is a subtitle of the Eight-Dimensional Economic Recovery Plan (“EDERP” or “The Plan”), a comprehensive rebuilding and modernization plan for the United States. Our goal is to aid federal, states and local governments and private sector stakeholders to meet the needs of millions of Americans over the next several centuries. One such need is for affordable housing.

Whether you are a builder of residential units, real-estate broker who sells, or a first-time homebuyer, one this is certain. The housing market in the United States does not cater to low income or young middleclass families who are seeking to buy homes. The high price of real-estate is often attributed to the high cost of land and building cost, depending on the geographic region you are planning to own a home and raise your family. Therefore, this has attributed to higher demands for housing, greater competition among buyers and higher prices.

TRANDERSOL has innovated many viable solutions that will contribute to the construction of vast amount of affordable housing in all regions of the United States. Our innovations include lower building cost, lower land acquisition cost and some tax credit for all homebuyers. The demand for housing in the United States will continue to soar as our population nears the projected 400 million people by the year 2050, and considerably higher as it is projected to reach 600 million by the year 2120.

Typically, this surge in demand would mean higher prices, sometimes pushing families into bankruptcy, making homeownership just a dream, or create unlivable housing conditions and sometimes homelessness. Our comprehensive modernization and rebuilding plan EDERP, will increase the volume of land for affordable construction and lower cost building materials and end cost to homeowners.

Ensuring and restoring the dignity of individuals through homeownership, creating sustainable jobs for centuries, providing a seamless national transportation systems and transportation for safe and efficient travel to work, home and play or for emergency services will improve access to homeownership within close integrated community network.

TRANDERSOL does not build affordable homes. We create the economic environment and opportunities that makes your new or next home affordable and possible. Building today for a better tomorrow for our citizens has just been made easier because of our innovations. This creates a stringer tax base for local governments, economic opportunities for small and large businesses to grow and prosper, and for peace of minds for Americans in search of the American dream and pursuit of happiness.

Let’s come together, let’s build – it’s time!