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We are more than infrastructure, energy, and manufacturing. Our innovations “Transcends Energy Solutions™.” Therefore, we have dedicated tremendous amount of resources to develop a practical solution to our broken healthcare system. TRANDERSOL developed the concept and formula for Free and Affordable Expanded Medicare for All (FAEMA) in 2008 as a benefit of the Eight-Dimensional Economic Recovery Plan (“EDERP” or “The Plan”). The comprehensive rebuilding and modernization plan for the United States will generate vast revenues to cover America’s long-term healthcare commitment to children, working adults and retirees.

The FAEMA was developed as a reliant byproduct of the EDERP to supply free and affordable healthcare coverage to all Americans, to provide free healthcare for children from birth to 26-year-old nonworking adults, free standardized full coverage for all seniors or retirees, and full basic coverage at reduced cost for working adults. (full basic coverage does not cover elective procedures). Working adults would have open market employer provided health insurance to supplement portion that is not covered under the expanded basic coverage policy. Whichever applies, you can be confident that the hassle over healthcare and your health will be a thing of the past. The goal is to ensure that all Americans regardless of their economic status will always have access to basic coverage including care for emergency and life-threatening conditions and cannot be turned away from quality care. 

FAEMA was developed by TRANDERSOL based on the strength of our expected economic growth and stability and have been widely received by both Republicans and Democratic representatives. Our innovative healthcare solutions were presented to our bipartisan Congress, the White House, and governors of all states as early as 2014 as part of our test run to showcase the benefits of “The Plan.” The “Medicare for All” agenda became a talking point for many aspiring presidential candidates and elected officials during the 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections.

TRANDERSOL does not provide healthcare services. However, we create the economic formulas to provide funding to cover the cost of free and affordable healthcare services to all, and for research and development cutting edge medical technologies and medicines protect Americans, and to safeguard our healthcare and frontline workers. Irrespective of your profession or your economic status, we have you covered.

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