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While you are here, please review some of our cool did you know facts about TRANDERSOL.

Did you know?

  • TRANDERSOL’s plan, EDERP will be the largest infrastructure plan to be implemented anywhere in the United States or the world. The Plan is projected to quickly outpace China’s domestic and global “One Belt, One Road,” initiative that is already investing more than $1 trillion in infrastructures spanning more than 60 countries.
  • TRANDERSOL published its assessment of America’s vulnerable economic position to its website in 2011, that should the United States fail to reassert and maintain its presence globally, countries like China, Iran, a re-energized Russia and other emerging powers will dictate the terms and direction of developing counties we have supported for decades. America’s vulnerability and global economic retreat will leave us absent from the table of opportunity, and that it would leave us powerless to defeat China’s global economic plan.
  • TRANDERSOL means, “Transcending Energy Solutions™.”
  • EDERP represents the eight critical pillars of our nation’s economic and national security platforms.
  • The vision for EDERP came about over 28 years ago.
  • The innovations being developed by TRANDERSOL are themselves the environmental and climate modifiers to be used for the reduction of carbon emission and to  improve our climate.
  • Over 300,000 American companies will be responsible for implementing TRANDERSOL’s innovations in all 58 states and territories, and will create over 75 million jobs within 15 years of the commencement of the build-out and modernization, and 200 million total jobs upon completion in the year 2120 .
  • The population of the United States is projected to be 400 million by the year 2050, and 600 million by the year 2120.
  • Over two million miles have been traveled to complete the research, planning, review and the implementation process for the Plan.
  • Mr. Walker our CEO, began presenting the details of the Plan to all members of Congress including at the offices of Speaker’s Boehner, Ryan and Pelosi, the White House, all governors and some private sector stakeholders and citizens since 2011.