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TRANDERSOL’s proposed dynamic funding formulas include a complete rewrite of our tax code, to allow increased revenue across all industries and their sectors.  The overhaul of our tax code will significantly reduce tax burden to taxpayers. The goal of creating this funding formula is to ensure that the United States will be able to fund the long-term rebuilding and modernization plan over the projected three 30-years build-out phases.

Typically, funding for public infrastructure projects are very costly, and many critical and failing infrastructures are slow to be repaired or replaced because not all public projects attract private investments. Our nation’s over four million miles of roads, over 600,000 bridges, 64,000 miles of major rivers, over 600 commercial airports, millions of miles of water, sewer, wastewater, and flood control systems requires significant amount of funding.

The funding formulas, backed by the proposed comprehensive network of reliable infrastructure, economic and global systems, will increase our national GDP to over $80 trillion dollars annually within the first 30 years of the plan’s implementation.  Our population is expected to reach 400 million by the year 2050, and 600 million by the year 2120.

Therefore, TRANDERSOL’s innovations are establishing the platforms for greater efficiency, infrastructure, and economic growth to meet the projected population demand for safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation, energy, food, shelter, clothing and so much more. What does this mean? The U.S. will be more economically vibrant, stable, and less susceptible domestic or global economic uncertainties or failures.

This is what America can do!

Let’s come together, let’s build – it’s time!

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